Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baba Zula US+Canada Tour - Day 5: NYC

The final day of Baba Zula tour is.... New York City!

"Droma Music Fest 2008 presents Baba Zula
with belly dancer Lâle Sayoko"

Murat Ertel

Coşar, Lâle Sayoko

Levent, Lâle Sayoko, Murat

I love dancing with Baba Zula!

Murat & Ceren Oykut (live drawing) xox!

Thank you so much everyone!!!
Thank you Drom! Thank you New York City!


Dear All,

This was the second tour with Baba Zula in the United States for me. "Baba Zula" is such an aphrodisiac music! and visual! I think it is so precious that they respect us, their dancers , for what we do and give us an opportunity to be on their stage. Their music is wonderful and so as their spirit. I also love their personality of each members and the great teamwork they have. They always make me so happy. Although there were not only fun things happened with the touring, I had learned a lot of things from their way of thinking which is very positive.

I really want to thank all of you, Baba Zula. I am so honored to be one of the Baba Zula's dancers. I am hoping Baba Zula will come back to North America soon. I want to say thanks to Nourah and Mishaal as well. Nourah made a wonderful connection with Baba Zula in Istanbul by herself and she is now touring with Baba Zula in Europe. Mishaal is an international dancer, my former teacher, and producer in Tokyo. They are the people who introduced me to this great band "Baba Zula"...

Lâle Sayoko


Here is a bonus photo! :
Back stage of New York show members
Baba Zula, Lâle Sayoko and Kristina
Thanks, Kristina for this photo!



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