Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tao Garden -Health Spa & Resort in Chang Mai, Thailand

Here, Tao Garden is an amazing holistic health resort in Chang Mai , Thailand.
It was founded by Taoist meditation and Qi Gong Master Mantak Chia, who has over forty years of experience in healing, meditation and martial arts.
Tao Garden is also a place where students can go to learn Taoist traditions (the secret of rejuvenation and longevity) !

Amazing experiences for my body and spirit

People at Tao Garden are warm & kind, and working so hard with their considerations, so that you can trust and relax for this cleansing journey...
I did several kinds of organ cleansing by doctor's consultation and
took excellent treatments with well-educated massage therapists and nurses.
You can learn at Tao garden that there are many ways to detox your toxins and build up your health without taking any drugs. Also, taking every morning Qi Gong excercise and every evening Six Healing Sounds excercise lessons are perfect to learn how to release your stress and increase your energy by yourself.

As a oriental belly dancer, I have been dancing with my lovely belly and hips for 10 years, but
I learned lots of things about belly , lower back and hips from new but ancient wisdom of Taoism aspect.
yes, Mainly organs are inside of belly...those organs are called second brain. It has emotions.

how important to massage your belly, lower back & hips for organs...

Tao Garden tells you how to massage your belly and how to breath for the organs...

Food at here is also wonderful!
Everyday is enjoyable.
Before & After organs cleansing, I picked healthy meal.

flowers are everywhere

with Master Chia and Kenji Williams

with Tang
at Yellow House Cafe & Shop

I got a friend.
So cute and cozy cafe & shop near by Tao Garden is
[Yellow House].
My new friend, Tang is the owner and a lovely artist.

Teddy Buffaloes with Thai flag☆ by Tang

Special thanks to my-mother-in-low, Harumi san who owns one of the rooms in Tao Garden!


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